Dear friends,
Ones I heard that at the age of 33 your life should change a lot. It seams to me funny, but at the end I'm starting to experienced it personally. Maybe it's just a huge desire inside of me that is spinning the circumstances into a great direction. We'll see..
I apologizes to all of you wonderful followers for not posting anything since May. I have been working on the other site posting Wonderland stories together with Nap Atelier works. I will post even here but I would like to invite you all to www.napatelier.blogspot.com. It's always just me that is writing and I'm sure here you'll be more updated. I'm sending you all a big hug hoping to see you even on Nap Atelier site.
Have a lovely and cheerful day!


Salone del Mobile 2011

I Saloni are laying claim to their age with a touch of irony, a play on words that echoes their nature and their spirit, youthful and lively.
This year Nap Atelier is presenting a new collection at Padiglione 1 stand L21 M18 Fiera Milano Rho. Come to visit us, we are happy to surprise you!



Wonderful Nap Atelier

I already spoke about Stefania from Nap Atelier. Her store is the place where your dreams come true. Go and visit, she just open the ECommerce store http://www.napateliershop.com/
My girls are flying again in one of the stores in Milan decorated by Nap Atelier.
Great, isn't it?
Have a nice day!!


He's with us and seems happy.
She is more than happy.
I'm nostalgic because I realised she doesn't ask sooo much kisses as she did before.



Adolescence; desirable and desirous, menacing yet vulnerable, widely unpredictable and ultimately mysterious. Last summer I started to think about the project with my niece Ginevra and her friend Carolina. Recently I have been so attracted by this transitional stage of physical and mental human development. In many societies, adolescence was not recognized as a phase of life. Most societies simply distinguished between childhood and adulthood. Isn't it so wrong?!... the search for a unique social identity starts right here.