Happy day!

...it's been a quite long time since I post something. I think I have a huge problem of beeing constant. We have been away for 3 weeks during the holidays and when you enter again in your every day chaos (school, job, birthdays, etc...), i personally believe it's hard to concentrate. I'm in very delicate professional moment where I'm changing my job (better, I'm trying to change it). It takes so much energy and all my concentration goes there.
Our little familly became less baby centric since a new member arrived. We have a baby cocker spaniel, a puppy called Rasty. Sofia Luna changed a lot since she got him. I think many of us had a dream of a box with holes with inside a little puppy. Here the happy day came and her dream came truth.
Have a lovely day dear friends!


  1. Anonymous29.1.11

    Oh wow, what a great day indeed, happy birthday and the puppy looks sweet :-)

  2. Thank you dear Julie!

  3. That looks like a very nice birthday and what a sweet puppy I think my girls would love that as a present!

  4. The puppy is ADORABLE!And what magical birthday pictures ;)